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History, Curiosities And More About This Sport

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Country Fashion

Every cowboy and cowgirl likes to dress well, whether at an event or just for business. The best hat, boot, shirt, pants… it all depends on taste and the occasion.

Knowing the various possibilities of our country universe helps in these choices when it comes to putting together the right look.


Tips for spending your time during quarantine

Soap operas
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Issues related to the activities that drive the economy of rural people.


Typical dishes and country recipes. Without forgetting the good old cachaça.


The true stories of the countryman. And it is true ... yes, sir ... who told me was the fisherman.

About Us

We are all "caipiras"

The Mundo Caipira portal emerged from the opportunity to produce quality content on subjects related to our Brazilian countryside. Here you will find articles on country fashion, mores, dialects, music, agriculture, livestock and many other subjects related to country life.We are all rednecks, and with great pride.

Mundo Caipira Portal
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They are strong, fast animals with a unique beauty. They are part of the life of the countryman and are an important part of the story. There are many races, each with its own peculiarity.

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Incredible animals, companions of work and life. Be it a shepherd, a hunting dog or just a companion dog. Man’s best friends, for all times.


What Does Caipira Mean?

Caipira is a term of Tupi origin that designates, since Brazilian colonial times, the inhabitants of the country.