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Amber Marshall is a rare find in today’s hectic world. A strong example to many, she captivates audiences around the world in her leading role as Amy Fleming in Heartland. This television series set on an Alberta ranch has been in the homes of millions of people for over a decade. Marshall not only plays a horse lover on television; she lives the cowgirl lifestyle. Hard-working, independent and talented, Amber has pursued her life goals since she was old enough to express them.

Born on June 2, 1988 in London, Ontario – Canada, Amber grew up with a mix of big-city intelligence and home base that allowed him to succeed in each of his many passions. Amber wanted to be a veterinarian and began working as a veterinary assistant at age 14. She was introduced to the horses shortly after saying goodbye to her childhood years and it was a perfect marriage. Amber also became involved with her other passion, acting, at an equally young age. Joining The Original Kids Theatre Company, she performed in several productions and attended the Lester B School of Arts. Pearson School of Arts.

Developing rapidly as an artistic presence, Amber got an agent in Toronto at the age of 11, and in the same year was climbed as the young Lorna Luft in her first major production, a miniseries called Me and My Shadows: The Life of Judy Garland. Soon after, she was climbed as Ally on YTV Network’s Super Rupert. This was her first opportunity to play a main character, and she quickly demonstrated that her combination of talent, charisma and passion for her work allowed her to carry a great production on the shoulders of her young man.

Amber Marshall


When she was 14, Amber was featured in The Elizabeth Smart Story, a film based on the true story of the 2002 kidnapping of a Utah teenager. Amber’s unique combination of strength and vulnerability shone through this role. People realized and rewarded her performance with a nomination for the Young Artist Award for Best Actress in a Film, based in Los Angeles. At this point, Amber could clearly see the path of her career and she followed it with all her being. She made the most of her opportunities to show her reach as an actress, appearing in productions as varied as Resident Evil, Doc, Power Strikers and Dark Oracle. It was at this time that the hand of destiny united her two great passions, horses and acting in her role at Heartland.


In 2007, she was climbed as Amy Fleming in CBC Heartland’s next series. Heartland is based on the series of 25 novels written by Lauren Brooke. The series debuted on Canadian television in October 2007 and its thirteenth season went on air in 2020. Shot in High River Alberta, it’s about a girl named Amy Fleming who lives in the fictional city of Hudson, Alberta. In 2015, Heartland surpassed Street Legal as the longest one-hour screenplay in Canadian television history.

Amber was awarded the Fan Choice Award 2013 at the first Canadian Screen Awards and maintained an intimate relationship with her fans through communication on her social networks. She also played Rob Lowe’s daughter in a classic TV Christmas story called “The Christmas Shoes”. To add to her Christmas movie collection, Amber starred in the Heartland Christmas movie entitled; “The Heartland Christmas” She also recently acted as Nicole in a SyFy Channel movie called Fallout Asylum.

Personal Life

For over 13 years Amber has starred as a cowgirl who uses her intuition to help heal problem horses, Marshall plays a role that sounds true to the millions of fans of the series around the world. She and her character Amy Fleming have become strong and capable youngsters. Amber has left behind the rolling hills of southwestern Ontario and now lives proudly in the same beautiful terrain in southern Alberta that is played in Heartland. It is here that reality departs from the creation of television myths as Amber and her husband competently run their own ranch. Horses are an important part of her domestic life as well as her workday. She currently has several horses in her 100-acre home, as well as cattle, dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens.

Amber is an independent soul totally capable of disappearing in the mountains for a weekend of fishing, hiking and camping. Without ever getting involved in professional sports, Amber has always had a very active life. Whether it’s the daily tasks of the farm on your ranch or riding your beloved horses, Amber is a living example of the old saying that an active life is a healthy life and a healthy life is a happy life.

More About Amber Marshall

Amber loves to be outdoors and enjoys night walks in the mountains with his horses and dogs. She married Shawn Turner, a photographer, on July 27, 2013, after getting engaged in 2012. Between the shooting seasons in Heartland, she helps out at a local veterinary clinic and spends time with her many animals on her farm. She has also volunteered at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where she took falconry classes, to work with hawks and falcons.

Marshall has always been deeply gratified by her individual connections with her fans, making several personal appearances each year. She has her own line of jewelry and merchandise, and is also the proud publisher and principal editor of her own magazine, Amber Marshall Life & Style, in which she details her many interests and highlights her ties with her fans around the world. After several years working on the creation of the Heartland program, Amber expanded her involvement in TV production, becoming also a production consultant.

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Amber Marshall
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