Amber’s March 2021 Fan Club Letter

Hello Subscriber,

Happy World Horse Day!
This is a day that I think all those who enjoy Heartland can appreciate! Being around horses since the age of four I can say that these incredible animals have really shaped who I am. Having horses throughout my youth helped to give me responsibility and keep me actively busy, which in turn, kept me out of trouble […for the most part! 😉]
Now that I am grown, horses continue to keep me active and busy [and out of trouble!] My husband and I have a beautiful farm with the space to care for many critters. Among dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, ducks, alpaca and cows, the horses fill a very important role on the farm. They bring us daily joy and contentment. Of course, there is more to owning horses than just riding them, and some of that involves daily chores to keep them happy and healthy. These chores have become routine to me and an enjoyable way to stay active and busy.

Farm chores change throughout the four seasons we have in Canada. But November to April is always the busiest for routine care. These are the coldest months of the year and the animals need proper shelters with fresh bedding to stay warm as well as added feed and access to unfrozen water. Having equipment makes all this much more enjoyable, and since many of you do not have daily farm chores to complete, I thought I would take you along with me to experience some of the tasks I complete on the farm. I filmed this video a couple weeks ago, but it was too long to allow me to post on social media, so I decided to save it for this newsletter.
Wishing all of you a happy Monday and a wonderful week ahead. March brings cheerfulness to the farm as it usually means warmer weather ahead. Having had some extremely cold temperatures in February, today brings delight with its highs of 5-10 degrees Celsius promised for this week!

Sending warm thoughts of spring,

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