Amber’s Mid-October 2020 Fan Club Letter

Hello Subscriber,

Welcome back Snow!!

This is the second snowfall we have awakened to this autumn and the beauty that blankets the farm still takes my breath away. I find that the first few snowfalls of the year always seem to wake up the little girl inside me. The fresh beauty and change of scenery ignite holiday memories and anticipation for the Christmas season.

I know for many of you, talking about Christmas in October may seem crazy, but if you were sitting where I was while writing this message and had seen the gentle fall of snowflakes out the window, then you too might feel the same. The snow does bring a whole new list of chores, but luckily our farm is very well set up for the cold. Each of our pastures are equipped with heated water troughs that continually refill themselves. Providing the animals with a steady stream of warm water throughout the winter is the biggest help of all. Occasionally they will malfunction, but for the most part, with yearly maintenance they have done right by us. We grow all the hay needed to feed the animals through the colder months and our tractor easily moves the bales from their covered shed to the large feeders we have for the horses and cattle. All in all, the time and money spent creating a good set up means happier animals and less work for us in the long run!

Heartland is moving along at a decent pace, we have almost completed the first 4 episodes in Season 14! As always, I’m having fun with the horse stories this year. I even took a few jumping lessons on my weekends so I could get back in the groove for some English riding scenes my character had last week. We see Amy working with her new colt that was introduced at the end of Season 13, as well as some new guest horses including a Thoroughbred named Howler and a cute black and white Paint named Mickey. Don’t worry, Amy has also had lots of time with her “mane man” Spartan. The writers are staying creative as we work around COVID regulations. There are certain characters that have been written in – then written out – as word was sent that they would not be permitted to travel from other projects they were a part of. I don’t envy the position of our writing team during this time and I ask you to be respectful when referencing the stories. As we know, this is a very different year and it has been the adaptability of the cast and crew that is delivering what I believe to be a very powerful season. We are doing our best to tell the beautiful Heartland stories we have come to love, as well as balance what is necessary to keep everyone safe.

Speaking of safety, I have an exciting new partnership to announce! For those of you who don’t know my background with horses, let me briefly explain. I first started riding western when I was 4 years old. I switched to English at the age of 8 and continued in that discipline until I was in my mid-teens when I went back to western riding. Heartland shows a beautiful blend of both which I absolutely love. I think it’s great to show that you and your horse don’t have to be “locked” into one style of riding. Now with my own horses I switch back and forth regularly. The one thing that has always puzzled me, and I’m sure many of you have noticed this as well… when riding English we always wear helmets. When riding western we do not. Why is that? Each discipline is equally as dangerous, and you are no more likely to injure yourself riding English than Western… so why not protect your head equally? I have passed this off as a style or “western look” more so than the safety of it all. When I first saw these Western Safety Helmets my interest was piqued. They have the same safety rating as an English helmet, but still maintain the western cowboy hat look. It is my hope that I can spread awareness in the western world for protecting our most valuable asset – our brain! Even if I can help in a small way to prevent unnecessary concussions or worse, I will know my new mission is a success. It really is a no-brainer! (pun intended) 😉

To see these new Western Safety Helmets and get yours today click here! They make great Christmas gifts for the rider in your family.

Remember, with all the worry in the world today, stay smiling. It is one thing that we don’t have to worry about being contagious!


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