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Cowboy Boot


Cowboy boots can be traced back to the 1200s. Although Genghis Khan did not technically wear “cowboy boots”, his infamous red boots were very similar in design. They were suitable for the long war path along the frozen Mongolian tundra, up to the mountains of China.
Advance a few hundred years for the cowboys of Mexico. The first true cowboys emerged in the mid-19th century and were skilled breeders, with the style and arrogance that we now attribute to bandits and gunmen in the Wild West.

The boots they wore were tough and meant for the brutal desert climate. They could step on cacti and rattlesnakes, and they were good on almost any occasion, from tying cattle to dancing with the ladies.
Today, cowboy boots have become a staple of country life, and a high-quality exotic pair is even a status symbol here. They have a wide variety of styles, from traditional to extravagant.

But, if you feel intimidated by the wide variety that exists, we are here to help you. So don’t feel lost! Here is an intensive course on the wonderful world of cowboy boot styles…

Work Boots

Work boots are the favorites of those who work in the field. That’s because they are comfortable, resistant and very practical. If before they were very basic, today we have a multitude of models, between square and round nozzles, colors, materials, fastenings and details.
The cool thing about this type of boot is that you can use it both in the fields and at a party, a big dance or even a more casual place, like a restaurant or bar. To do this, just choose a better one.

Rubber boots

Rubber boots are not exactly pretty, but they are very useful. They can be used on rainy days or when working with water, since they do not let your feet get wet.

Military style-boots

The Military Style-Boots were no longer exclusive to the rocker’s clothing and invaded the closet of other styles, including country. With more modern and differentiated models, they offer comfort for work and beauty to enjoy some fashions.

Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boot is the favorite of rodeo cowboys and those who enjoy a good dance. With a short or long barrel, thin or round beak, with or without embroidery, it draws attention wherever it goes. In rural work, the long-barreled one is great for riding horses, as it does not let the animal’s sweat get wet on his pants. In addition to all this, the leather one is very resistant and protects the feet. Texans stood out in the early days because of their longevity and practicality. Cowboys required boots with pointed toes, at least 1 inch of heel (usually 2 inches) and a high upper to protect their shins from the harsh conditions in the region. Thus, the Texan-style cowboy boot was born.

The cowboy boot has subdivisions:

Work Boots

Usually made of leather, these boots are a practical and more economical choice. The best ones have a short heel, usually 1 inch or less, which makes them ideal for working with your feet all day. The core material is generally rubber with considerable traction. Many have cushioned midsoles for effective shock absorption. The reinforced construction and comfortable design make these shoes the real workmen.

Riding Boots

If you didn’t know the name, boots are made for horseback riding. Each part of this boot is designed to keep a cowboy or cowgirl safe and comfortable in the saddle. That is why it is the boot of choice for rodeos and horse shows. The angled high heel helps the boots to catch in the stirrups and prevents them from moving when walking. The smooth leather core and the tapered toe allow the boots to slide in and out of the stirrup with ease; therefore, if the rider falls, the foot will not be trapped.

Hiking boots

These boots are really made for walking. They are not as heavy as the work boot, nor as high and angular in the heel as the riding boot. A good hiking boot is comfortable with a good amount of traction on the sole. The wider toe and the square heel make them better for getting up than sitting in the saddle. They are functional, comfortable and perfect for a pleasant walk on the trail or walking around the city.

roping boots

Although the classic Texan style was the original cowboy boot, a new style came later. The roping boot first appeared in a roundabout fashion when the roping of calves began to grow in popularity. The boots were designed to make it easier for cowboys to chase cows comfortably. Unlike riding boots, they have a round toe and a short square heel. This reduces the risk of breaking the heel when dismounting quickly, often abruptly. Roping boots also have a shorter shaft and a tighter fit around the ankle, for the quick movement and support needed when riding an ox.

Exotic Boots

Work boots, used on farms and rodeos are usually made of leather. But as boots became more widely accepted in the fashion world, the variety of materials used to make them grew. Now you can get Exotic Boots made from anything, including alligator, eel, snake, lizard, deer, ostrich, even stingray and many other animal skins. These usually come at a high price and are more like works of art. Historically, exotic boots have been given as gifts to heads of state, including the President of the United States on several occasions. Exotic boots come in many styles and are usually customized for the user.

Fashion Boots

The wide acceptance of boots in the fashion world made this practical and humble footwear evolve into something completely different – the fashion boot. Designed primarily for women, they refer less to functionality and more to style. They are designed to differentiate the user from unique handmade designs. There is no specific mold or pattern for fashion boots, as they are designed to break the rules. From discreet ankle boots to stunning boots to the knees, fashionable boots are unlike any other.


In addition to beauty and convenience, they must offer security. This is because one of the intentions is to put them on to deal in the field, and the perfect fit on the feet is essential. Sturdy, beautiful and comfortable boots are part of a neat outfit and are all the cowboy needs to work, ride or party. So, choose yours very carefully to enjoy all the convenience they can offer.


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