Coffee is a beverage produced from the roasted beans of the coffee tree fruit. It is traditionally served hot, but can also be consumed cold. Coffee is a stimulant, because it has caffeine – usually 80 to 140 mg for each 207 ml depending on the preparation method. Studies have shown that people who drink …

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Cachaça (sugar cane brandy)

Its name may have come from the old Iberian language – cachaza – meaning lees wine, an inferior wine drunk in Portugal and Spain, or from “cachaço”, the pig, and its female “cachaça”, the sow. This is because the meat of the wild pigs, found in the forests of all Brazil – the so-called caititus …

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Have you heard of Ora-pro-nóbis? This edible plant has been attracting attention because of its nutritional benefits. Although its thorns and appearance are intimidating at first, this plant is safe and can be consumed in many ways. Its scientific name is Pereskia aculeata, but we can call it Ora-pro-nóbis (from the Latin: “pray for us”). …

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