Heartland Characters

Heartland is a TV series produced in Canada, in the province of Alberta, released on October 14, 2007 on CBC Television. The series is loosely based on the books by Lauren Brooke.

* Contains Spoilers

Main cast

• Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming

The protagonist of the series, Amy, inherited her mother’s gift of being able to intuit the needs of the horses and to practice natural riding. When Amy was fifteen, she was seriously injured in a car accident that killed her mother, Marion, while trying to save Spartan, a battered horse. Amy is unable to attend her mother’s funeral while recovering from the hospital, but her father, Tim, returns to Marion’s funeral. When Amy returns home, she decides to continue her mother’s job of healing damaged or mistreated horses, including Spartan. However, she must readjust not only to her father’s return to her life, but also to the return of her older sister, Lou, who lives in New York City.

Over time, Amy develops a close relationship with Ty Borden, a young man invited by Marion, before his death, to work at Heartland Ranch, as part of his probation. Ty begins to help Amy heal the horses and their friendship gradually turns to love. Although their relationship is difficult and they break up more than once, they manage to make amends and Ty gives Amy a promise ring in season three. In the last episode of Season 5, Ty secretly plans to ask Amy, but after hearing her say that they should never “get stuck”, he decides to give up, not realizing that Amy would later find the ring in his pocket. After discussing the ring and the wedding, Ty later finds the perfect time to ask Amy, and she accepts.

• Graham Wardle as Tyler “Ty” Borden

When Ty was a child, he was abused by his stepfather Wade, whom he attacked for assaulting Ty’s mother. The incident resulted in the arrest of Ty who was sent to juvenile detention to complete his probation, Marion Fleming offered him a job as a farm assistant in Heartland. He soon begins to enjoy his life there and decides to stay after completing his probation, although he leaves for a short time to live with his biological father in Calgary. Jack treats Ty like a son and is very proud of him, especially after he receives his high school diploma and decides to study to become a vet.

Ty at first is known as the “cute new kid” by Amy’s friends, and Amy quickly falls in love with him. He dated Kit Bailey, a local cowgirl, for a while before admitting his feelings for Amy. He and Amy have a tumultuous relationship for the next few seasons. In the final episode of Season 5, Ty buys a ring with plans to propose to Amy, but rethinks his proposal after hearing Amy say they should never “get caught”. When Amy discovers the ring, Ty and Amy agree to wait, and Ty is accepted into the veterinary course and begins helping Scott at his clinic. While camping, Ty finds the perfect time to propose to Amy, who accepts, and they get married later.

After Amy tells Ty that he is going to become a father, she supports her decision to go to Mongolia to save the last of the Gobi bears with Veterinarians Without Borders. Although he cannot stay with Amy during pregnancy, they communicate frequently via Skype. Towards the end of the season, Ty contracts a potentially fatal disease with a tick bite and returns to Calgary in critical condition. He is immediately taken to the hospital, where they help him to recover slowly. At the end of the season, Caleb kidnaps Ty from the hospital (where he was being kept while the doctors ran additional tests to make sure he was cured), so Ty can participate in Caleb’s marriage to Cass as the best man. However, Amy goes into labor when they arrive at the church and run home for the birth of their daughter.

• Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming Morris

At the beginning of the series, Lou returns home from work in New York to help manage Heartland. She is initially reluctant to stay in Hudson because she has a longtime boyfriend and a lucrative job in New York. Upon discovering Heartland’s poor economic situation, she draws up a financial plan with the knowledge of her MBA to pull the farm out of debt and make it successful. However, she is informed by a bank financial advisor that her presence on the farm is essential to guarantee the loan necessary to implement her plan.

Once Lou decides to stay, she manages Heartland’s commercial area, handling appointments and setting fees for customers. Later, she decides to start a new commercial venture, a corporate retreat center: the equestrian connection Heartland. This idea is met with a lot of resistance, especially from Jack. Family members ironically refer to the business as “Rancho Dude”, and the name remains, though no longer with its negative connotation. Along the way, Lou breaks up with her New York boyfriend and tries to win back a romance with the local vet, Scott Cardinal.

In the second season, Lou’s relationship with Scott dissolves. She meets her future husband, Peter, thanks to Jack’s girlfriend, Lisa, and begins a secret relationship with him due to Peter’s work in the oil industry. Lou had already met the local farmers against Peter’s oil company and hopes that Jack doesn’t approve of his choice of boyfriend.

Later, Lou’s relationship with Peter is more public and they get married at the end of the third season. They move to Dubai, but she soon feels very lonely in such a foreign country and misses Heartland and her family. When they return home, Lou finds out that she is pregnant. Later, she gives birth to a girl named Catherine Marion Minnie Fleming-Morris (Katie).

After several failed attempts to buy a home and even build a house somewhere on the 600-acre property in Heartland, Lou and Peter buy Mr. Hanley’s ranch from Mrs. Bell and they plan to move in and renovate it. . However, faulty wiring in the structure causes a fire, and the buildings and stables burn, leaving them with no option but to stay in Heartland. Lou has a positive relationship with his sister Amy, offering an attentive ear and timely advice when she needs it, and Amy often plays the same role for Lou.

Lou is also close to his father, Tim, and she is the first to reconnect with him after Marion’s death. In season six, Lou and Peter decide to adopt an orphan named Georgina Crawley, whom Jack was protecting after discovering that she was hiding in the barn. In season 8, Lou and Peter start having relationship problems, as Peter is constantly in Vancouver at work. Following Amy’s advice, Lou goes to Vancouver to talk to him, but they decide to separate.

Peter returns to Hudson to try to convince Lou that they can work things out, but she is not interested, since nothing has changed. Later, Lou tries online dating and appears to be falling in love with Mitch. Peter regularly visits his daughters and interferes with Lou and Mitch’s romance whenever he is in Heartland. In season 7, Lou buys Maggie’s restaurant after Maggie moves in to be with her daughter, Soraya, in London, England. She drives with Tim, who acts as her supposedly “silent” business partner. Lou finally works on getting Maggie’s to New York City and spends a lot of time flying back and forth, with the rest of his family taking care of Georgie and Katie.

• Shaun Johnston as Jackson “Jack” Bartlett

The patriarch of the family, Jack is the grandfather of Amy and Lou and was the father of Marion. He was a rodeo star and a cattle rancher. When Marion took over, Heartland became a horse farm. After his death, Jack helps Amy and Ty to keep Heartland and his horses and he is the one who repairs broken equipment, fences and the like. At the beginning of the series, he was very hostile to ex-son-in-law Tim. They maintained a difficult relationship due to Tim’s troubled past with alcohol and prescription drug abuse, his bitter divorce from Marion and lack of involvement in the lives of Amy and Lou.

Jack seems to barely tolerate Tim’s presence at times, and they have had numerous discussions about how the ranch works. He was initially very critical of Ty, and he warned the young man to stay ten feet from his granddaughters at all times or he would risk losing any part of his body that crossed that line. Over time, Jack comes to accept Ty as a son and shows great concern and paternal affection for him. When Ty asks Jack for permission to ask Amy’s hand in marriage, Jack gives him his blessing.

In terms of personality, Jack is very stubborn and reluctant to accept any kind of change. This characteristic sometimes causes friction between him and the others, especially with his romantic partner, Lisa Stillman, and with his granddaughter Lou. In the seventh season, Jack finally asks Lisa to marry him, and she says yes. They flee at the end of season 7. Jack also has health problems after suffering a heart attack. When Jack has passed out in the fields, Tim is the only one to find and save him. Jack loves his three great-granddaughters, Katie, Georgie and Lyndy

• Alisha Newton as Georgina “Georgie” Fleming Morris (Crawley)

Georgie is adopted daughter of Lou and Peter, great-granddaughter adopted by Jack and owner of Phoenix. She has a best friend named Stephen, whom she met in the seventh / eighth season. When she arrived in Heartland, she was a fugitive who misbehaved, but, as she wanted to stay, she began to improve her behavior. Georgie has a habit of running away from every foster home where she was placed. Jack agrees to adopt her until Clint is able to find another family to adopt her. Not wanting her to leave, Lou and Peter agree to become her long-term adoptive parents and then adopt her. Georgie adores Katie, her younger sister.

Georgie also loves Phoenix, a horse who has repeatedly fled a neglectful home and, through the intervention of the Fleming / Bartlett / Morris family, has found a new home in Heartland. She is a naturally talented jumper. He met Phoenix when he was running away from his social worker and rode for the first time, surprising the family. Georgie is a tomboy and shares a lot of Amy’s personality, she is fearless, talented, insightful and intelligent. It makes Mallory jealous of her when they meet. In season 6, she meets a wild dog, whom she is allowed to keep and names Remi. When Georgie was 3, her parents were killed in a car accident. She has an older brother named Jeff.

Over time, Georgie develops strong bonds with the family. However, she sometimes misbehaves, even running away once. She has a rival named Olivia, with whom she later develops a reluctant friendship. In later seasons, Georgie and Olivia join the Extreme Team, a group of vaulting. This replaces jumps as Georgie’s main extracurricular interest. She works hard and is one of the best on the team. Georgie has a hard time balancing schoolwork, farm life and her interest in riding.

Georgie suffers from math, to the point that Lou hires a private math teacher on the recommendation of Georgie’s teacher. While Georgie is reluctant to have a math teacher, her grades improve. Georgie later develops romantic feelings for Adam Parker, his tutor. Although he reciprocates her feelings, Adam’s father is against their courtship, feeling that Georgie is a bad influence on his son. Eventually, everything works out, Georgie and Adam date for a few months. They end with a breach of privacy when Adam sees Georgie’s messages exchanged with Clay McMurtry and thinks she has feelings for him. Georgie also develops a strong friendship with Jade Virani, although they were definitely not friends when they met in Season 7.

• Chris Potter as Timothy “Tim” Fleming

Tim is the father of Amy and Lou who left the house when they were young (Lou was a teenager and Amy was five). After a rodeo accident, he fought against the abuse of controlled drugs (painkillers) and alcoholism. As a result, Jack expelled Tim who moved to Fort St. John. After Amy and Lou’s mother dies, he returns to the scene, moving to Rancho Big River (making him “practically a neighbor” to Heartland) and he becomes a regular character.

Tim later buys Big River when its owner, Ray, dies and has a brief relationship with Ray’s daughter, who inherited the ranch. Later, he starts dating a jockey named Janice, and almost moves to California with her. However, in episode 18 of the fourth season (“Burning Down the House”), it is discovered that Tim has an 11-year-old son named Shane with Miranda Grenier, his ex-girlfriend from Fort St. John.

When he reveals this to Janice, she leaves for California without him. At the end of season 5, it is announced that Miranda has feelings for Tim. In seasons 6-8, Tim still thinks he is a big shot. He starts a rodeo school, a horse sales business and a new relationship. When he finds out that Miranda is getting married, he tries to stop the marriage, until Jack hides his keys and they argue. Then he moves on, has a long-term relationship with Casey McMurtry and later starts his own rodeo school. Its main pupils are Jade Virani and Clay McMurtry, who are teenage pawns.

Support Cast

• Kerry James as Caleb O’Dell

Caleb is an employee hired by Jack after Ty leaves for 4 months. At first, he is a bit of a nigger, has feelings for Amy and develops a strong rivalry with Ty over Amy. He and Amy are a couple for a short time, but Amy soon returns to Ty. Caleb falls in love with Ashley Stanton, eventually getting married. Caleb is a rodeo cowboy, competing in events such as riding. Before marrying Ashley, Caleb is seriously injured in a rodeo. After a battle with prescription drugs and alcohol, much like Tim’s, he does well, but much thinner.

Caleb and Ashley have a difficult marriage, struggling with financial problems, pressure from Val Stanton (Ashley’s mother) and different life goals. They originally fled, but after discovering that the agent’s license that married them expired, they get married outside of Caleb’s trailer (where they were living). They go on their honeymoon to Italy and stay with a friend of Val’s, but Caleb returns alone.

Ashley remains in Italy for a while, then decides she wants to pursue higher education in Vancouver. Caleb moves in to be with Ashley there, but they move away when she makes new friends and spends more time away from Caleb. They end up divorced, and Caleb returns to Hudson and returns to work in Heartland as a farm assistant, although he returns to his seasonal occupation at the rodeo. After Ashley, Caleb chases Lou’s friend Nicole (who had moved from New York to Hudson and works for Lou, running the ranch).

He ends up having a long-term relationship with Cassandra, who was a veterinary student a year or two ahead of Ty and works at Scott’s clinic. Caleb and Cass have an unexpected pregnancy, and Caleb finds the pregnancy test. There is a bit of dramatic irony during this episode, as the audience knows that Cass is the one who may be pregnant, but Caleb and Ty are convinced that it is Amy. In the end, this is resolved. Caleb and Cass almost break up, but he finally proposes and they get married in a church in Hudson at the end of season 10. Ty and Amy were supposed to attend, but Amy went into labor as soon as she arrived and had to run home.

• Gabriel Hogan as Peter Walter Morris

Peter is Lou’s ex-husband. He was first introduced as PW, the owner of a small oil company called Bedford Oil, caught doing some drilling on the Heartland property. This led Lou to use his skills to organize a protest against the PW company. Meanwhile Lisa gives Lou’s email to a friend without her permission. Scenario for some dramatic irony: Lou (using his first name, Sam) and PW (using his first name, Peter) start a relationship through an instant messaging service. They meet in person shortly afterwards and are shocked to discover each other’s complete identity.

Their relationship is kept secret because Jack and Tim hate PW for being part of “Big Oil”. Peter finally wins the family’s approval, he and Lou get married at the end of the third season because Peter’s business takes them immediately to Dubai. Lou returns from Dubai for a week-long visit that extends because she lives a long way from Heartland and her family. Peter starts to come and go from Dubai because Lou is expecting his first child. He ends up going bankrupt in Dubai, which leads them to move into Jack’s house. Peter gets up, but he stays home only on weekends due to the location of his new job in Vancouver.

In the sixth season, Lou and Peter decide to adopt Georgie when Jack is not approved as their legal guardian, and they end up having success. Peter and his first ex-wife have joint custody of a friendly Saint Bernard named Max. Lou and Peter are separated because Peter is always absent in Vancouver. Peter is discovered to have a girlfriend in Vancouver, which causes Lou to end the relationship. He continues to visit Heartland to spend time with his daughters.

• Nathaniel Arcand as Scott Cardinal

A good Canadian native friend of the Bartlett / Fleming family, who is also a Heartland veterinarian. Scott had a troubled past, but Marion helped him to change his life, and he was the original “barn boy”. Scott has a relationship with Lou for seasons 1 and 2, and later regrets the fact that he lost her and made no effort to win her back.

In the second season, Ty mentions to Amy that Scott had agreed to let Ty be his apprentice and that Scott would guide him until he could work with him after veterinary school. Ty is finally accepted into the University of Calgary veterinary school and begins working part-time at Scott’s clinic in later seasons. He also joins Cassandra, another veterinary student at the University of California who is a year or two ahead of Ty. Scott later offers Ty a position as his partner at the clinic.

• Jessica Steen as Elizabeth “Lisa” Stillman Bartlett

Lisa is the owner of Fairfield Stables, and a well-known horse breeder. She is introduced when she seeks Amy to help with a horse in the first episodes of the series. Jack and Lisa seem to have chemistry in this episode, and start a romantic relationship a few episodes later.

Lisa is usually in the south of France, seasonally, to work, and her lifestyle becomes a difficulty in her relationship with Jack. He visits France with her for several seasons in his relationship, but does not enjoy himself, feeling out of place in the chic places they visit. After a long break, Lisa returns to Heartland and reunites with Jack. At the end of season 7, they run away, but decide to continue living separately, as they feel more comfortable that way. Lisa is also the godmother of Lou and Peter’s daughter, Katie.

• Julia Maren Baker as Katie Fleming Morris

Catherine “Katie” Marion Minnie Fleming Morris is the only biological daughter of Lou and Peter, born in episode 67, “Passages”. As a child, the family took a long time to get her to sleep all night, and one episode had this difficulty. Mallory is often asked to look after children, as she is often in Heartland and is interested in making extra money.

In season 7, Katie often cries at night for Lou, who is in the Atlantic provinces on a tour for her book, “Mom’s the Word”. Katie also starts to pee in bed, probably for the same reason. As a result, Peter and Katie finally join Lou on his book tour. Later in the series, Lou worries that Katie is not progressing as she should, prompting her to see a pediatrician to check for abnormalities. This causes friction between Lou and Peter, as he believes Katie is fine, which turns out to be the case. Since the 10th season,

Katie is a young, energetic girl who enjoys spending time with her family, especially her adoptive sister Georgie and her great-grandfather. She has a stuffed pony, her favorite toy, called “Pogy”. As a baby, Katie was played by twin sisters Keira and Jordan.

Recurring Cast

• Kevin McGarry as Mitch Cutty

Mitch is hired as a farm assistant in Heartland and works hard to earn the family’s respect, especially with Jack and Tim. After a strange first “date”, Mitch and Lou enter into an intermittent relationship. Mitch is concerned about the guilt due to the loss of his cousin, but he trusts Lou and they gain each other’s trust. After breaking up with Lou, Mitch starts dating Maya, a yoga instructor, which forces Lou to confront her true feelings for him.

• Roger LeBlanc as Bob Granger

Bob runs a wildlife reserve.

• Kataem O’Connor as Adam Parker

Adam is Georgie’s private math teacher and becomes his first serious boyfriend.

• Helen Colliander as Olivia Wheaton

Olivia is Georgie’s rival throughout the series, but later becomes her friend.

• Victoria Pratt as Casey McMurtry

Casey, formerly a rodeo professional, is in a relationship with Tim and convinces him to start a rodeo school.

• Madison Cheeatow As Jade Verani

Jade is a friend of Georgie and daughter of Dr. Verani. She is a peoa and lives in the old Caleb trailer for a while to assert her independence. Tim doubts Jade at first, but grows his respect for tenacity and talent.

• Kaitlyn Leeb as Cassandra

Introduced as one of Ty’s classmates at the veterinary school, Cassandra ends up working at the veterinary clinic with Ty. She initially appears to be an ambitious and arrogant know-it-all, which makes Amy uncomfortable. Cass is romantically involved with Jeremy Hughes until he sabotages Heartland, after which she is fired from the veterinary clinic and forced to take a job at the ranch, for which she is not suitable. Scott convinces Ty reluctantly to give Cass another chance at his clinic, where she ends up becoming a good friend of Amy and Ty. She and Caleb end up in a long-term relationship and are married in the final episode of season 10.

• Greta Onieogou as Soraya Duval

Amy’s best friend who works at Maggie’s, her mother’s diner. Soraya always supports Amy and befriends Ashley at the same time as Amy. Later, she visits London, England and meets a new boyfriend. In season 5, Soraya moves to London permanently. She briefly returns at the end of season 8 to attend Amy and Ty’s wedding at Rancho Heartland.

• Wanda Cannon as Valerie “Val” Stanton

The widowed mother of Ashley and Jesse, and the main antagonist in much of the series. Val is the proud owner of the Briar Ridge Stables and uses more traditional methods of horse training compared to Heartland. It puts a lot of pressure on Ashley to win in equestrian competitions, but she loves and spoils her daughter. She is also friends with Jack, especially when Jack helps her work on her relationship with her daughter, after Ashley becomes more independent and rebellious. It is revealed in season 7 that she now lives in Florida.

• Anna Ferguson as Sally Bell

A longtime friend of the Fleming / Bartlett family, who owns Sugarfoot, a cute Shetland pony that Lou learned to ride. Mrs. Bell keeps Sugarfoot at home as a companion and prefers to use his herbal remedies on him. She made the wedding dresses for Marion and Amy. In the books, Mrs. Bell dies of a heart attack and Sugarfoot comes to live in Heartland.

• Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer as Lyndy Marion Borden

Amy and Ty’s daughter, born in episode 175, “Greater Expectations”. His guardians (godparents), in case something happens to Amy and Ty, are Caleb and Cassandra.

Previous Cast


• Jessica Amlee as Mallory Wells Anderson

A family friend who visited frequently and spent all night, Mallory is the daughter of a Canadian country music artist (real-life Canadian country music artist George Canyon), whose music she finds irritating, and is hired by Lou to look after from Katie regularly. She was known mainly for talking too much and snooping on everyone’s personal life, which often got her into trouble. Mallory rides the horses at Heartland and participates in jumping competitions.

She is easily in love with boys, and has a crush on Ty at the beginning of the series, although her main love interests end up being Jake Anderson and Badger. Mallory leaves Heartland several times, most significantly to attend a boarding school for girls to which she is sent by her parents when her father goes on tour for the first time. Jake helps her buy a bus ticket and get back to Heartland. At the end of the fifth season, she announced with dismay that she was moving to Nashville because of her father’s musical career, although she and her family returned to Canada in season six. In season 7, she finally confessed her feelings for Jake and went with him to Paris. In season 10, episode 14, Mallory returned to Heartland and married him.

• Cindy Busby as Ashley Stanton

In the first season, she fulfilled the mean high school girl archetype, but after Amy helps Ashley improve her show jumping and then saves her Apollo horse, Ashley opens up to Amy and her best friend Soraya. Ashley’s character develops substantially from this point, and she is shown struggling in her relationship with her mother. As a result, she lives in Heartland for a short time and then stays with Caleb, in her rented trailer.

Ashley gradually falls in love with Caleb in the second season and begins a serious relationship with him, and they get married at the end of the third season. It took her a while to get back from her honeymoon in Italy, resulting in Caleb coming home alone. Later in the series, Ashley and Caleb moved in so that she could attend college. Caleb came back alone again, and they finally divorced. In season 7 and episode 9 she comes back to see her friends. Now she is coming as a lawyer.


• Jade Hassouné as Prince Ahmed Al Saeed

A wealthy prince, the initially rude Ahmed asks Amy for help with his father’s horse. After working with the horse, Ahmed becomes more friendly to her, eventually falling in love with her and filling her with expensive gifts. He offers Amy the opportunity to accompany him on a European tour, however, when he shows affection for her, she does not return the feeling. Ahmed appears in eight episodes, culminating in a fight with Ty in season 8.

• Maxim Roy As Miranda Grenier

Shane’s overprotective mother and Tim’s ex-girlfriend. Miranda only wants what is best for her son, but she moves frequently to prevent Shane from finding out who the father is, as she is afraid of losing him. Their strained relationship with Tim results in a custody battle for Shane, although they manage to work things out.

• Sam Duke as Shane Grenier Fleming

Tim’s 11-year-old son, long lost, and Lou and Amy’s half-brother, who was conceived during a casual relationship between Tim and Miranda while Tim lived in Fort St. John, during the years after their rodeo accident , before returning to Hudson. When Miranda reveals to Tim that Shane is her son (in “Burning Down the House”), the relationship is confirmed with a paternity test and bothers Tim’s family and friends when they discover the truth. Shane tends to run away and hitchhike to visit Heartland to visit his family and his horse, Pal, and wants Miranda and Tim to be reconciled and become friends.

• Rhys Ward as Jeremy Hughes

A professional jumper who refused Ty and Scott’s treatment of his Buckingham horse, as it would prevent him from continuing his jumping career during the season. He quickly captures Mallory’s attention, although she is disappointed to discover that his interest in her was to find a way to gain access to Phoenix, which he saw as a suitable replacement for Buckingham, and that he was already in a casual relationship with his colleague. Ty’s class, Cassandra.

Jeremy tries to trick Amy into giving him Phoenix in order to save Buckingham from risky surgery by getting her drunk, although she turns against his deal because of Georgie. He later reappears, ostensibly offering to train Mallory for a jumping competition, but he was actually using her to get closer to Phoenix. He tries to blame Ty for Buckingham’s death, using his relationship with Cassandra in the process, but is found guilty of killing his horse.

• Vinessa Antoine Like Nicole

Lou’s friend from New York. She had a cameo in Season 2, joining Lou and her other friends on a trip, before returning in Season 7 as a recurring character.

• Lisa Langlois as Marion Bartlett Fleming

Lou and Amy’s mother, Tim’s ex-wife, Jack’s daughter. Marion was interested in being a horse charmer after Tim left her, although Amy always describes it simply as listening to horses. At the beginning of the series, Marion is killed in a car accident when she and Amy rescue Spartan from his abusive ex-owner, Mr. Mallen. Marion is seen in only two of the first episodes.

• Jake Church As Jacob “Jake” Anderson

A young cowboy who is always trying to get Mallory’s attention. In season seven, he asks Mallory to accompany him to Paris, France, and she agrees. The two end up getting married in season 10, episode 14.

• Jack Knight as Badger

A juvenile delinquent who is featured in “Do or Die” with his best friend Tara. He is usually quiet, but eventually he is comfortable enough to talk, and he has shown himself to be a talented artist. Badger is another of Mallory’s love interests and kisses her. He has a troubled family life and feels that he belongs nowhere, resulting in his departure and return to Heartland irregularly, without the others knowing. After “A Heartland Christmas”, Badger is not seen or mentioned again.

• Siobhan Williams as Jamie Lewis

Mallory’s former friend Pony Club de Mallory who is introduced in season three when she invites Mallory to participate in the club’s competition. She reappears in season four as Jake’s new love interest.

• Wesley MacInnes as Austin Mars

An aspiring country musician introduced in season five. He is torn between his feelings for Mallory and the chance to get to his famous musician father.

• Greg Lawson as Clinton “Clint” Riley

Ty’s former parole officer and Georgie’s former social worker. Clint is the parole officer for Tara and Badger. He keeps his customers on a tight schedule. Clint is allergic to peanuts.

• Kristin Fairlie as Tara

Badger’s Gothic juvenile delinquent best friend. It is presented in the second season. At first, Tara intimidates Mallory and judges her, calling her names based on her appearance (blonde hair and pink clothes) and bubbly personality. The girls end up becoming friends. Tara agrees to try to ride a horse, if Mallory dresses like a goth to scare her parents. After “Do or Die”, Tara is not seen again, although she is mentioned in the episode “The Haunting of Hanley Barn”.

• Tatiana Maslany As Katherine “Kit” Bailey

Ty’s ex-girlfriend Cowgirl. Kit practices drum racing with his horse Daisy. Kit’s methods of taming a horse are very different from Amy’s. Amy is jealous of Kit at first, but the girls end up becoming friends.

• Jeff Roop as Police Officer Marcus “Mark” Rodriguez

An RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer who initially arrives in Heartland because his horse, Venture, developed a fear of water after Rodriguez saved a drowning boy. At first, he seemed to care less about his horse than as a means of transportation. Amy saw how he secretly cared deeply for him. On his first visit to the ranch, Lou makes a fool of himself in front of him, and it is later revealed that he has a crush on her. They dated briefly after Lou and Scott broke up. Lou finally caught Rodriguez cheating on her and broke up with him.

• Tom Carey as Wes

Wes is a very dark man and an enemy of Amy’s family, introduced in “Born to Run”. He is a cruel cowboy who was helping some local farmers to gather wild mustangs to test their DNA. However, he had plans to sell them to a meat truck. Mallory discovered the location where the mustangs were being kept, and Amy released them, preventing Wes from transporting them away, effectively saving the mustangs.

Wes took his revenge one night when Amy, Ty, Lou and Scott were out. He started a fire in the barn using a match and gasoline. Jack was injured when rescuing the horses and lost the memory of the incident, but later remembered and arrested Wes. In a later season, he steals Spartan in the middle of the night and legally buys it at an auction. Wes’s plan was to sell Spartan for more money, so that Amy would never see his horse again. After beating Wes, Tim and Jack rescue Spartan and return him home to Amy. After “The Ties That Bind”, Wes is not seen or mentioned again.

• Aedan Tomney (Season 1) and Jon McLaren (Season 8) As Jesse Stanton

Val’s son, Ashley’s brother and Amy’s boyfriend when her mother died. Ashley and Jesse threw a pool party while Val was out of town. Amy broke up with Jesse after he got drunk, tried to kiss her and planned to take her home while he was drunk. Seeing Jesse trying to rip Amy’s keys off, Ty thought she was being hurt and beat Jesse. Jesse returns in season 8 to take over his mother’s stables, become Amy’s rival and threaten Amy and Ty’s marriage.

• Craig Arnold as Jeffery “Jeff” Crawley

Georgie’s biological older brother. His parents died in a car accident. Jeff lives elsewhere, but he keeps in touch with his little sister. Jeff mirrors Ty. Even though Jeff doesn’t spend time with Georgie when he comes to visit, he cares about her. After “Written in Stone”, Jeff is not seen again.

• Jill Alexander as Patricia “Smiley” Smothers

Patricia is the local librarian who helps Amy find books on horses and truth serum. It has never been revealed where Patricia lives, but she is presumed to live in a dumpster behind Maggie’s old warehouse. Its conflict with Sugarfoot is well known in the city. She usually gets mad at people who drive silver cars and often throws macaroni and cheese at them. His character did not return after the third season.

• Meaghan Rath as Jennifer “Jen”

Jen is a friend of Amy, who appears only in the pilot episode, “Coming Home”. She went to school with Amy and tried to comfort her after Marion died. It was who convinced Amy to go to Ashley and Jesse’s pool party while Val was out of town.

• Graham Abbey as Steven “Steve”

Steve is one of Lou’s high school friends, who got a job at the bank sometime after graduation. Steve helps Lou to approve his business plan for Heartland in order to obtain a loan and save the ranch. The bank approves on the condition that Lou stays at Heartland to manage the business side. After the pilot, Steve is not seen or mentioned again.

• Carson Pound as Stephen
• Miranda Frigon as Janice Wayne

Janice is Tim’s previous girlfriend, with a personality very similar to his. She is a jockey and runs with her horses. Tim and Janice almost move to California together.


• Suzanne Coy as Margaret “Maggie” Duval

Soraya’s mother and Marion’s best friend, was the original owner of Maggie’s store and diner. Maggie leaves Season 7 to live in London, England, to be close to Soraya.

• Keegan Connor Tracy as Crystal

Georgie’s biological aunt, who has intentions that are not initially seen. After Georgie breaks her arm, Crystal visits Heartland and records child abuse allegations against Lou and Peter to extort money from them in exchange for dropping the charges. Georgie and the social worker hear this and Crystal leaves empty-handed in the face of a possible arrest.

• Ben Cardinal as Victor Whitetail

Marion’s good friend who heals horses and people. Victor likes golf and has had an affair with Marion after Tim left her. Victor’s taming style is different from Amy’s, and he helps her a few times during the series.

• Torrance Coombs as Chase Powers

Amy’s rival in “The Ring of Fire”. After a job they did together, he kisses her. Later, Ty confronts him and hits him twice. One for taking out Mrs. Bell from the road and another for kissing Amy. While getting ice for the bruises, Chase and Soraya become friends. He is later invited to Amy and Soraya’s graduation party as Soraya’s friend. There he kisses Soraya and they start dating. In “Leap of Faith”, he asks Amy to go along with him and Soraya for a movie. He tells Amy when she arrives that Soraya had to study. After the film, it is shown that he still likes Amy. During “The River”, Soraya ends the relationship.

• Raoul Trujillo As Renard

Amy’s new friend who runs “Dark Horse”, a popular traveling horse show.

• Emma Lahana as Blair Conner

A friend of Ty’s, who spent time with him working on a ranch in Montana. She came with him to Heartland when he returned to Amy in the fourth season. She was the source of considerable friction between Amy and Ty, when she chased Ty during her first appearance and, later, when she told her boyfriend, Grant, that she and Ty had “stayed”.

• Beau Mirchoff as Benjamin “Ben” Stillman

Lisa’s arrogant nephew. Ben competes in jumping competitions with the Red horse. He worked at Heartland for part of a season, but then went to work for Nick Harwell. Later, Nick Harwell fired him and he returned to his aunt’s stables. Later in the second season, he leaves Briar Ridge and attends a university.

• Stephen Amell as Nicholas “Nick” Harwell

A champion pawn. Amy helps Nick’s horse in “Born to Run”.

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