Jacques Vanier

Jacques Vanier

Think of a Goian root, that’s Jacques Vanier.

I’m bão e ocê?

Born in 1991 in the capital of Goiás and raised in Piracanjuba, today he is a humorist civil engineer and lives in the land of Uncle Sam. But just watch one of your videos on any of your social media, so that you quickly understand the reason for the success of this hick. His videos started when he moved to the USA in order to reduce the longing for Brazil, they were to be shared with family and friends. However, his talent was quickly recognized by others, which made him produce more and more content.

With a unique mood without leaving your roots aside. So Jacques deals with current issues and talks about his adaptation to life in the United States in a comical way. He is the typical Goian caipira, who does not give up rice with pequi even though he is away from home. He appears in his videos always well betrayed and with the already known red and black plaid shirt. In some of his videos Jacques plays more than one character, showing the artist’s versatility.

Jacques is well known among artists in the backcountry. So the repercussion of their stories is increasing more and more. His charismatic way and his simplicity win the attention of all who follow his work. The loaded Goiás accent brings naturalness to his creations.

If you don’t know the work of Jacques Vanier, here is a pinch:



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