Emerson Carlos Loubet, born in Bela Vista – MS. Born on August 16, 1989, better known by the stage name Loubet, he is a sertanejo music singer.

Early career

Emerson was born in the city of Bela Vista, in the interior of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. He had his first contacts with music during his childhood. However, he started his own compositions in 2005, at the age of sixteen. Therefore related to the life of the countryside and the farm on which he worked. Only the following year, he received the first guitar as a gift. Then, he started performing in his spare time in bars in his hometown and surroundings. But at the same time that he was reconciling time with the profession of horse tamer and salesman.

Loubet’s first composition was the song “Abelhas”, which was recorded by the duo Conrado & Aleksandro in 2010. However, with the intention of entering a solo career, the singer took up residence in Campo Grande in June 2012. Moment when he created the company Abelhas Produções Artísticas together with his friend and future entrepreneur Badeco. But the artist’s first show was held in Colorado, Paraná, a city approximately 500 km from Campo Grande. Therefore, in the same year, he started recording his first work, the homonymous acoustic CD, made available in 2013.

On October 6, 2013, in the city of Campo Grande, it recorded the DVD Live in Campo Grande, with an audience of approximately twenty thousand people. Then, from this work, four singles were made available, with emphasis on “Tá Rodada”, with the participation of Conrado & Aleksandro, and “Mil Anos”, with the collaboration of the singer Laís. Therefore, the acclaim of the work was great, and caused Loubet to be invited to participate in country concerts and festivals around the country.

FS Produções Artísticas

On May 5, 2015, Loubet and his manager Badeco signed a contract with FS Produções Artísticas, an artistic career management casting idealized by Fernando & Sorocaba. However, he released his first official music video in August of the same year, entitled “Made in Roça”, which received more than sixty million views on YouTube. He recorded his second DVD on September 24, 2015 in the city of Jaguariúna, in São Paulo, on a privately owned ranch in Sorocaba. In addition to the song “Made in Roça”, the album highlights “Muié, Chapéu e Botina”, which received a video clip the following year, and the participation of Thaeme & Thiago in “Já Se Foi Setembro” and Fernando & Sorocaba in “Vira Lata”. But the work was officially released under the title Made in Roça on March 9 at an event of Terra Live Music Sertanejo.

About a year and a half after the release of the DVD Made in Roça, Loubet made available the digital album recorded in the studio of his production company, entitled FS Studio Sessions, Vol. 01, which featured fourteen new songs. However, the song of greatest acclaim was “Naturalmente”, which later received a video clip, with more than five million views on YouTube.

In April 2017, he announced on social media his departure from FS Produções Artísticas and announced that his career will now be managed only by businessman Badeco. In the same period, he released the EP Ensaio, containing four new songs. In August, he recorded his new DVD in Campo Grande again. Among the partnerships present, were the duo Bruninho & Davi, Jads & Jadson and Henrique & Diego. In November, the first new song of the new work, entitled “Singular”, was released.

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