Marcus Cirillo

Marcus Cirillo

Born on July 7, 1990 in the city of Agudos, in the interior of São Paulo, Marcus Cirillo is a comedian who represents the voice of the countryman at Stand UP. Cirillo was raised in Cuiabá and graduated in Theater from the USC in Bauru, the city where he currently lives.


In his career, as a comedian, he created the Riso com Farofa Comedy Circuit. He is also one of the founders of Bartolomeu Comedy Club (Bauru) and participated in the Multishow Humor Award. He also won the online contest of the Comedy Central Brazil Channel, being the most voted by the public.

If you have a comedian you can truly consider yourself a hick, then Cirillo is that guy. Because with a very rural accent, always betrayed, he does not dispense with a good cachaça. Because telling his funniest stories in the form of Stand UP, this way this guy can get laughs even from the most refined caboclo.

Those who do not know his work, should stop by his YouTube channel, as he will have a good time of joy, as well as a dose of “Satanás”. Without ceasing to mention his live show, “Nem que vorte o cheque”, because only “Odair” is present, so don’t be “Enzo” and as soon as you can guarantee a seat in the audience.

Cirillo deals in a natural and relaxed way the life of the country man in the challenges of the big city. “Caba Não Mundão”, the final he undoubtedly knows how to speak our language. Marcus Cirillo is very proud of the meetings he had with his idols, among them a large part in Barretão (“Ao Rojão …”). But it was there in Barretos too, in 2019, that Cirillo realized a big dream. On April 13, 2019, under the rain, Marcus Cirillo recorded his DVD “Do Interior para o Mundo” at the Rodeo Arena of Parque do Peão Os Independentes in Barretos.

If you want to know more about this beast visit Marcus Cirillo’s website and YouTube channel, “E que comece o Empura Empurra”.

“Aow Samanta!”

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