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Michelle Morgan (born July 16, 1981) is a second generation Canadian actress, producer, director and writer of Chilean descent.


She is the fourth of six children in a Chilean-Canadian family. Born in Calgary, she grew up in Toronto and Vancouver. After studying Theatre and Classical Literature at the University of Toronto, Michelle pursued a career in theater and film.

Michelle is a passionate advocate of women’s rights and has volunteered in women’s shelters throughout Canada for the past 15 years. She has served as an ambassador for the “I Am Courage” campaign at the Brenda Strafford Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention and as an ambassador for Homefront’s “My Homefront” campaign, a Calgary-based non-profit organization that serves victims of domestic violence.

On June 30, 2012 she married Derek Tisdelle. They have two children, Mara Carmen Tisdelle and Noah Santiago Tisdelle.

She can be found with her family surfing in Tofino, taking walks, practicing yoga and trying to cultivate plants.

Michelle Morgan


Michelle has participated in several television series and films, including Heartland, The Good Doctor, Supernatural, The L Word and Stargate Atlantis. She also played the lead role in George A. Romeros’ Diary of the Dead. In 2007, Michelle was chosen to play the role of Lou Fleming at Heartland, the prodigal daughter who returns to Heartland from New York after her mother’s death. Little did she know that Heartland would continue for 13 seasons, licensed in over 119 countries around the world.

In January 2008, she appeared at Stargate Atlantis as FRAN (Friendly Android Replicator) in the episode “Be All My Sins Remember’d”. She returned to the show in the December 2008 episode “Ghost in the Machine” as Elizabeth Weir’s consciousness in a copy of FRAN’s body, making her the third actress to play Weir.

More About Michelle Morgan

With over 15 years of experience in film and television, Michelle Morgan began a career in directing and writing.

In 2018, she founded her own film company, “Medano Filmes”.

His first short film, “Mi Madre, My Father,” (2017), with Stephen Amell , was selected by Telefilm Canada for “Not Short On Talent Corner” at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018. Michelle’s debut film was screened at such festivals as Hollyshorts, the Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival, and won directorial awards.

In 2019, Michelle directed three episodes of CBC’s new digital series “Hudson”, a spin off from the long series Heartland .

Michelle’s second short film, “Save Yourself” (2019), is a romantic comedy set on the beaches of Tofino, British Columbia.

In 2020, Michelle was selected to join the Women’s Chair, Story & Leadership Program, where she will develop her feature film project, a post-apocalyptic western titled “The Plains.

In 2019-2020, she played Kate Kane’s mother in the Batwoman series.

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Michelle Morgan 2007 - 2020
Michelle Morgan 2007 – 2020

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