Tião Carreiro

Tião Carreiro

José Dias Nunes, known as Tião Carreiro (Monte Azul, December 13, 1934 – São Paulo, October 15, 1993) was a Brazilian singer and instrumentalist of sertanejo music from the roots who influenced many pairs with his style. Tião Carreiro was the precursor of “Pagode”, a rhythm he dared to create based on the viola and its stippling. The letters on his pagoda contemplate the magic of life and work in the country.


José Dias Nunes worked as a waiter in the restaurant at Hotel do Manoel Padeiro, where, in his spare time, he sang popular songs and sambas of the time. However, on Sundays, he participated in the program “Assim canta o sertão”, from the radio transmitter in Valparaíso / SP. First, he formed a pair with his cousin Valdomiro and they performed at Giglio circus, with the names of Zezinho and Lenço Verde. But he also formed other pairs: Palmeirinha and Coqueirinho, Palmeirinha and Tietezinho and Zé Mineiro and Tietezinho.

The owner of the circus where José Dias played at the time told him that a pair had to play the viola, and he played the guitar. Then, in the same year, in the city of Araçatuba / SP, Tonico and Tinoco, the duo Coração do Brasil, performed. While Tinoco rested at the hotel before the show, José Dias took the viola left by the duo “Coração do Brasil” at the circus, memorized the tuning and began to perfect himself in that instrument that marked his childhood that would make him immortal. Soon after, he received a violin as a gift, hand painted by the painter Romeu de Araçatuba.

From there, inspired by one of the best guitarists of the time, Florêncio, from the double Torres and Florêncio, went on, treading his path.


José Dias met Pardinho, his main companion, at the Rapa Rapa circus, in the city of Pirajuí / SP. Pardinho was a handyman and sang in his spare time. Therefore, they started to sing together with the names of Zé Mineiro and Pardinho. Then, two years later, at the invitation of Carreirinho, they moved to São Paulo, it was May 1956.

Tião Carreiro was the inventor of the rhythm Pagode de viola. His first pagode was the song Pagode em Brasilia, made in honor of then President Juscelino Kubitschek. Therefore, Pagode de viola was one of the main pillars of the success of Tião Carreiro, in all the pairs of his career there is at least one recording of a song in this rhythm. Carreirinho, Paraíso, Pardinho and Praiano, were some of its partners during artistic life.

But, he made history alongside the Excellence of the First Voice, Pardinho.


The family was taken by surprise when Tião announced the problem, just a few days before his kidney transplant where his wife Nair Avanço Dias had already provided all the necessary care, died on October 15, 1993 at the age of 58. Tião also had complications from diabetes.

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